Don’t Be Fooled is a partnership between FFA UK and Cifas. It aims to inform students and young people about the risks of giving out their bank details, and deter them from becoming money mules.

About Financial Fraud Action UK

As a constituent part of UK Finance, Financial Fraud Action UK is responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud on behalf of the UK payments industry. Our membership includes banks, credit, debit and charge card issuers, and card payment acquirers in the UK.

We provide a forum for members to work together on non-competitive issues relating to financial fraud. Our primary function is to facilitate collaborative activity between industry participants and with other partners committed to fighting fraud.

About Cifas

Cifas is a not-for-profit fraud prevention membership organisation. It is the UK’s leading fraud prevention service, managing the largest confirmed fraud database in the country. Its members are organisations from all sectors, sharing their data across those sectors to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime.

For media enquiries only please contact the UK Finance press office on 020 7416 6750 or

For media enquiries only please contact the Cifas press office on 07535 537 229 or

If you have been declined credit, had your bank account closed and believe you may have acted as a money mule, speak to your bank and visit the Cifas website for more information on what to do next.

If you think you may have been a victim of fraud please contact your bank or card issuer as soon as possible using the number advertised on their website. Please also report the incident to Action Fraud.

Financial Fraud Action UK provides general information and advice on the prevention of payment fraud. We do not offer any investigation or law enforcement related services.